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Terms of Use - Upstream Books

Terms of Use

By purchasing, downloading, or using content from Upstream Books you agree to the following terms:

When you download Upstream Content (defined as digitized or electronic content obtained through the Upstream Books website, such as books, audio files, video files, magazines, periodicals, applications, etc.) and/or pay any applicable fees, Upstream Books grants you a non-exclusive right to use, view, and display the content on a device you own, or maintain control of, in accordance with this agreement.

Unless given explicit permission by Upstream Books or an officially empowered Upstream Books partner, you may not share, sell, distribute, rent, broadcast, publicly host, sublicense, or in any way assign rights to the content.

The content is licensed to you the customer, as an individual. Organizations may not share a single licensed item among multiple concurrent users.

Family sharing is allowed under the following conditions: A single licensed item may be shared only within a household, defined as immediate family currently living in the same household as the purchasing customer.

Upstream Books is not responsible for any service, connection, or bandwidth (data) costs you may incur from your internet service provider in downloading the content or browsing the store.

We thank God for His gracious provision to us, and we thank you for your honesty and help with providing the authors, editors, and artists of these works with a just recompense for their labors.